1. Going back to about 300-400 years, hemp/marijuana was taken around the world during slavery from India. Indian slaves took marijuana when they were taken from India also in the Hindu religion they use marijuana before praying to a god called lord shiva. Look it up guys I was amazed when I started digging into Indian religions.
    You can technically say it’s from India because it was mentioned in ancient Sanskrit about the use of marijuana and as we all know Hinduism is the oldest religion.

  2. The bit about smoking hemp and it giving you a headache is wrong; that occurs when you smoke the stems or seeds or either THC-containing and non-THC-containing cannabis plants. I've smoked hemp plenty of times and have felt a very relaxing effect.

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  5. I stared smoking weed at 8yrs old my neighbor was a biker he never sold me any or ever gave me anything more then one hit. my dad was a strict military man didn’t fell asleep. well my neighbor what ever his reason I still don’t know. I remember like it was 24hr ago… my dad was yelling at me like he always did. Then went inside After ordered me to rake the whole yard instead of getting me a leaf blower. I was in the same spot for hrs, even after he took my bike away and spanked me. Hard with the belt never less then three times like he did everyday till this day my dad don’t feel bad at all. Everyday I’m not even over exaggerating

    Then he went inside I stand their crying and I hear sup lil g mind you it’s like 1994 come over here little man… no he was no pervert that dude fucked up some guy talking shit to me cuz I throw rocks at his car. He said he would always have my back and he did. One time I made a swing out of a rope 10feet from ground I had to get on truck to get in well I got in the rope tried to swing but instead it squeezed my tummy so hard I could not breath my parents were I’m amway haveing a meeting with other parents always new people and their kids will at this time one of the kids there was down syndrome that little turd smelling tard just laughed I hated that kids he would always do the meanest shit and no one said anything cuz his disability as this tard was laugh while I’m suffocating who do you think just happened to be driving by yup my neighbor big Jesse stop quick and ask you need help little man Nodded yes that’s all I can do I can I speak because the room was too tight around my stomach this man was not a pervert it was a hero he saw that my dad being mean to me trying to mold me into military child yours a Lougee the only past 51 781 and the neighbor across the street came in for a beer my first cigarette now that I think about it they probably felt bad for me lol but I’m glad my dad was hard on me there has been not one problem that stayed a problem
    , not one situation I can be in where I cannot stay focused professional speaking properly with respect and confidence. Anyhow yea so I was 8yr old stared smoking and by the time I was nine my dad and mother split up and mom had to work stared selling weed in middle school so I could smoke for free

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