1. Many vegans believe eggs are the devil because of the disingenuous website nutritionfacts.org which was formerly called the vegan research institute. It was started by vegan quack dr. Greger who has made a career cherry picking random data to support veganism whilst deliberately omitting data that suggests otherwise. His is the site that says eating an egg is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes. It is also the primary site utilized by Google when researching nutrition.

  2. Listen Mr. Joe, we Vegans are happy with how we are and how we are living. Healthy and active. I respect u and ur diet of Meats and veggies and everything but u hatin on us too damn much Sirrrr.

  3. Lol joe is fking stupid dude there are hundreds of vegan athletes 😂😂 his war on vegans is insane! You take steroids and own a supplement company 😂 bruh come off it

  4. Google arachidonic acid. It CAUSES depression via inflammation in the gut–proven by published studies. The way to avoid it is veganism. This conversation is dumb af. Yes you can eat shit and still be an athlete—however eating like shit is linked to cancer and heart disease. PS keto diet is awful for your health (igf 1 leads to cancer for starters) and is an awful existence to live by..I tried it for a month and it was brutal, had dreams about rice. T

  5. Have Heart Disease, want an actual Cardiologist (Kahn) or Kresser? Adequate Protein want actual World class atheletes including Mr. Arnold or Kresser?
    I can't believe with an audience as big as Rogans all they can come up with is this malnourished-sickly looking "Acupunture Specialist" from Berkley.

  6. Joe Rogan thinks you can eat anything if u work out and that he didn't lose weight during sober October because he also lifted weights.. Does he understand thermodynamics? Please stop talking about health, nutrition, and fitness. You're unqualified and making a fool of yourself.

  7. I despise Joe's anti-vegan propaganda. I am not vegan and do not think it is optimal for health but the way Joe claims that vegans are nutrient deficient and its unhealthy is frustrating when the average vegan is considerably more healthy than your average American. I feel it would be more helpful to promote anti junk food messages and warn people of the dangers of over consuming meats.

  8. I went from 228pounds down to 162pounds lean and strong

    Protein supplements did NOT help in the long run. They were a half decent filler in between meals if i fancied myself something lip-licking but didnt want a whole meal- more mentality then any result i obtained

    When i went to eating 5-6 eggs a day

    I went from 190pounds down to 175pounds in 2months- maintained my strength and grew my body in the right way

    Eggs kick started me when i was weight and strength stagnant for nearly 5 months of working out

    Its a grind

    Vegan, vegatarian, meat eater- i dont care what you eat

    Eggs are the elixir- natural and no processing- if you buy em farm fresh of course

    Why do chickens create eggs? Why create so many? What predator besides coyotes and wolves eat them?

    Wouldnt a coyote or a wolf eat the chicken before they ate the egg? Sooo… you know

    Eggs are not meat- not even close

  9. Protein supplements are the biggest waste of money

    Eat 20-25 eggs a week

    They are not chickens- they are eggs

    And pea protein mix and protein mix has quite a large process involved to manufacture the shit

    Eggs are natural right from the chicken

  10. this guys a idiots he puts up valid points on how a vegan diet can work then hes saying bs about how he lost weight and got depressed haha dude you only lost weight because you where not eating enough food literally this is the reason and you where probably not doing the diet properly then he goes to say meat has more amino acid you can get your daily amino acids easily from fruit and veg then he goes to say you have to eat a ridiculous amount of food to get you daily proteins haha this is total bs ive gone vegan and its very easy to get your daily protein from beans they are more protein dense than your chicken and id absorbed by the muscle exactly the same im not vegan but the fact of the matter is you have no studys showing a vegan diet is bad for you except from your own personal experience and this is bad because your to lazy to actually know wtf your putting in your body haha

  11. What most vegans don't realize about top athletes that claim to be "vegan" is that their diet is offset by copious amounts of health supplements that account for about 50% of their energy and strength increase. Supplements that cost upwards of a 500 dollars a month for several months or during peak seasons of training. Everyone from Fighters to Racers. This trend in recent years is what allows some athletes to get away with eating just about whatever they want, vegan or not.

  12. I’ll answer the title. —> don’t eat anything that has to do with animals. Have a good diet (like athletes are supposed to), take supplements (like most athletes do already). Boom

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