1. Whats my advice for new vapers, well I quit smoking and stared vaping a few weeks back and it you are relying on this company to get your juice out to you quick like their Online Site Says etween 24 & 48 hrs after you pay for it.

    Then forget about it, ive been waiting now for my First ZamoleBox I guess 10 days now to even be Picked and shipped. But I payed 11 days ago.

  2. I had never smoked but did weed and I have seen my parents smoke so I got a posh plus for the first time and it’s 6% nic and 500 puffs and it’s been going pretty good haven’t cough at all surprised by that

  3. My advice is to not lend your mod to some kid you have never met before while shooting dice at a casino. If he gets into a fight over the phone with his girlfriend and the pit chases him off for being on the phone while you are shooting and you don't notice he walked off with your device; you know what you are going to do? Ask that drink girl for a pack of cigarettes! Then you are right back to the habit…..

  4. Giving you guys a few tips if you don't know about vaping rule number 1 don't buy a Mechanical mod, basically that is why a lot of dumb fuckers got there face blown off start off with a kangerTech which will show you the steps as well to start Building your own coils which you are going to need to know how to do because factory coils are Defective now a days.. all so when your charging your mod use the charger it comes with don't over charger your mod or if you feel it hot cool it down.

  5. I bought my first kit and its 0.15 ohm and I bought 60ml of 18mg nicotine liquid after doing some research I think its gonna be too strong lol. but Im a smoker and I can pump em down sometimes but still from what I'v been seeing I think its like tripple the strength I was supposed to get 😛 haha I was just thinking it'd be better value

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