Vaping Essential Oils – Is There a Danger?

The Doctors discuss the trend of people inhaling and vaping essential oils. Are there any health concerns regarding this trend? Subscribe to The Doctors: …


  1. OKAY. FIRST OFF. 1:34 they are not making these to be “happy” this ain’t marijuana, it also does say it’s drug free, it’s for people that have stress/anxiety and to help you sleep. SECOND OF ALL. 3:13 why are you sexualizing 12-13 year olds. That’s gross please grow up, it’s sad that you think 12-13 year olds are trying to look “sexy” by trying to sleep or calm their selfs down. That’s disgusting.

  2. They did not do any research on it, taste is a big thing to it to. They are subpost to help not hurt, but they are making them sound like there gonna hurt you, non vacs kids CAN use something like this. I am just saying please reaserch before you give something a bad rep.

  3. They are specifically used for stress but they do NOT go thru ur lungs even me as a 12 year old know this you are supposed to use it like a straw it will sit in your mouth but as u blow out you will blow out tru ur noes so that it sits on the back of ur throat there for it is not harmful unless u INHALE it thru your LUNGS.

  4. He talks about kids using this stuff, but MONQ is not advertised to kids of the ages of 12/13 and most of them don’t know very much about essential oils or diffusers. It is HIGHLY unlikely that any child will go from this, to cigarettes.

  5. These aren’t meant to breathe into your lungs so it’s really not harmful. If a teenager is gonna start vaping or smoking then wouldn’t you rather them use something that is actually beneficial opposed to nicotine and tobacco!!

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