Top Pres.Trump Lawyer/Libertarian Once Supported Legalizing Weed

The speaker is John Michael Cobb (Ty Cobb), a brilliantly articulate spokesperson for the Libertarian movement Way back in 1971 when this was recorded.


  1. Perhaps the regulation was meant to avoid something like a person got hit by a car driven by a person under the influence of substance like alcohol or mariyuana (ganja).

    People have rights to drink alcohol or smoke ganja privately but once they enter public sphere the regulation was made to protect the rights not only one individu but all people.

  2. I’ve gotten into much trouble while using alcohol but not weed. I’m too busy drawing or eating to find trouble.
    Not many men smoke up and decide to beat someone down but they sure do on the drink. It’s called SPIRITS for a reason. I love weed.

  3. Didn’t Frank LaGuardia present a report many years ago telling how weed shouldn’t be considered a drug? They scraped that report. It didn’t fit the narrative.

  4. Hello Mr. Hoffman.
    Did you own all your video content from the time you produced it, or did you have to buy most of it "back" from the customer?
    Do people whom you filmed a long time ago or their families sometimes ask you for a copy of the material? I would imagine that people like Ty Cobb would enjoy seeing themselves so young and vibrant on film.
    I. Isaac–videowatcher

  5. He speaks so precisely and accurately on how discretionary force allows laws to be applied unequally, notably including racial terms. And he described privilege over class and race at a time when most people couldn't conceive of it. This is a bright young man who could have fought against bad actors in the government for human rights, equality, and freedom. It's a shame he just became another power broker.

  6. Let's extend that thinking to the other drug called dope as well. The government has no right intruding on the individual's ability to decide what he wants to put in his body, even in cases where it is clearly a terrible decision.
    There are rare exceptions to that standard that can be made for the overall health of society, but as of right now, it's not even a principle which exists enough to have exceptions. The exceptions are the rule which is occasionally strayed from to give individuals glimpses of autonomy.

  7. Haha! People upset about the word dope. It's been used for years even recently, it's all dope yo! Or that's dope! The fact is there's thousands of words for marijuana and some are shared among all drugs, like dope. I can't wait to see what happens here in Shitlinois. I won't be purchasing legal dope, but it should be fun to watch.

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