1. In the united States, 81% of all Ecstacy and molly samples contained 0% of mdma, none at all. What you'll usually get is meth, or a combination of meth and caffeine or dxm, very rarely will you ever actually get ex or molly that is real Mdma, this is a real problem, any dealer can throw some random white powder in a gel capsule and say yo I got molly or yo I got rolls, always test your product, or do a very small sample on the micro scale, if you have real Mdma you will know, and If you do then you are very lucky specially in the States

  2. We have to realize that the black market runs on the same economic principles as "legitimate" markets. However, we realized not too long ago that if left unregulated, even "legitimate" businesses will put people in harm's way inorder to increase profits. Drug lords aren't just "evil", they are "evil" because unfettered capitalism demands they be in order to compete within their markets.

  3. the fact is that the E consumption in america was high in the 90s n 2000's it was a popular choice so with high demand the dealers cut the pills and started selling 2cb and 2ce instead and typically the pills had a shape like bart simpsons head, instead of a round pill with a stamp of bart for example. so everyone was done with E then mdma started boomin because it was pure n not 2cb, then they started selling meth instead of mdma so the market went back to the pill and the reason why they adding so much mdma into the pills now in 2020 that ppl will jump back on mdma just in pill form, its all about trying to separate themselves from the fake drugs so sales go up… not rocket science

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