The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act

The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act got out of the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 24-10 – 2 republicans even …


  1. Hey Tom, I disagree with you at 4:45

    In my opinion this is a p.r. stunt by the left to say “we tried to decriminalize it federally, but republicans shut it down” THINKING that’s what will happen but this is beyond the tipping point in my opinion. If this goes through and passes and President Trump DOES sign off on it, and this DOES become a reality and this furthers the economic growth under his presidency it’s going to be hard for the left to say “Yeah, federal prohibition of marijuana happened under Trump, the economy is booming and people’s record we’re expunged but vote for us”

    Conversely, Trump will be able to talk up the economy and helping minorities by signing a bill that expunged minority records.

    Even though it’s a democratic bill, when it becomes successful it will be a republican victory.

  2. Did anyone else say “lol” when he said “with the impeachment going on” and “whether or not Trump would sign it”. Trump already said he would sign it if it made it to his desk and there is no impeachment anymore lmao

  3. Will not get passed on the floor. The only reason it has made it this far is so they can say they voted for it for votes in the next election. It will not make it to a vote in on the floor, will get bogged down so that it never sees a vote, but Senators can say that they didn't vote against it.

  4. Thomas Jefferson said "if a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."
    George Orwell said "a people who elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims; but accomplices."
    In The Matrix movie this is implied when Morpheus tells Neo the very people he is trying to save are the biggest threats, the people who vote, not necessarily bc they are bad but bc the are so enamored with this system that enslaves us all…
    George Carlin said it best though… it's a big club and you ain't in it, it's the same big club that they keep hitting you over the head with… something like that;-) Ez …we seek the truth because our curiosity exceeds our desire to prove ourself right:-)

  5. In what way will the communities receive some help from this?

    My thoughts when you mentioned the politicians not having an appetite to hear other bills because of the impeachment, and I agree with you man: Folks out here working their ass off, paycheck to paycheck in all kinds of conditions. And these more than well off highly paid politicians and the like, cant endure the hustle and grind. I know some off them got that quit in them, its weak, and frankly dishonorable. It's B.S. this is what they get paid so much damn money to do. Now damnit do it. Rant end.

  6. What if the MORE Act is more than just the legalization of weed? What if it's a political tactic to sway votes next year? You said that you didn't think Republicans probably won't even look at it or whatever because of them being caught up in the impeachment bs. That got me thinking. If Republicans shoot down the bill then people will know that it was them. If 67% of the population is in favor of legalizing marijuana then that 67% may just end up voting Democrat. I'm not Republican or Democrat but there are things that I agree with on both sides. When it comes to weed Democrats have my support.

  7. They really gotta stop this impeachment nonsense. Absolutely nothing is getting done up there now. Dems having a shit fit because they lost the election is slowing down progress on cannabis legalization along with many other issues. We the people will decide if Trump stays in office via vote in 2020. Get back to work CONgress, dont we pay you enough?

  8. Sounds like the government wants to make my marijuana 5% more expensive (I live in Oregon, it's legal here I am a budtender) first of all anyone involved in the black market knows how lucrative it is..if you can't buy it at the corner store your going to pay a premium…now you can buy it at the corner store… everyone knows the dangers of the black market now the government is going to federally tax legal marijuana to pay for all the dumb people who got caught…I agree wipe there record clean and get them out of prison but Oregon marijuana will be 5% more expensive that will bring the total taxes up to 25%…and our roads are shit yeah the city gets new trucks for there city workers but the roads are still shit.the government is not spending the money like they said they would…but if you believe a politician then your already fooling yourself.. taxation is theft

  9. Hey thanks for bro g so quick to give us info. You were the first Youtuber to put out the info on MORE. I wrote you earlier about this subject. I am not a lawyer and am having a hard time understanding the process or terminology. (Others may also have my problem) can you break down what a full house vote means and tell us the next steps (Even if you think it's not gona pass) like will this bill go to the house or Senate next? Can they pass both the SAFE act and MORE act? Thanks

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