1. Ah, cannabis! I was prescribed opioids for nerve pain for 9 months and THEN told that doesn't work. My partner took a pic of me during Oxy treatment. When I saw it, I was bent on quitting, so I could try cannabis oil (I had done lots of research, especially coming from Israel). I got off Oxy, started with a low dose of cannabis oil, increased after a month, and after 6 months, didn't have pain, so I stopped. I take oil if I have some stressing appointments with my non WFPB diabetes Dr, otherwise… When you are WFPB, cannabis has wonderful impacts on pain (even neuropathy!). Don't anybody squeese my feet, like the DR did, and I am pain-free. A few spasms, but nothing to be alarmed with. NEVER SMOKE it! Get it from a well-reputed dispensary in oil or cookie form. It works very well. Sayer Ji's website is chockfull of studies (over 500). How many do we need? 🙂

  2. Not all cannabis is equal it’s the CBG and CBD that are good against glaucoma and most strains don’t contain much if these cannabinoids at all. Did this reaserch differentiate between the cannabinoid profiles of different strains?

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