Crumb & Dr. Alim El-Bey review east coast gangs, mid-west gangs, & west coast gangs. They break down how gang signs & symbols come from occult science.


  1. America is a business or land of commerce. A promise to pay, vow or bond is a binding agreement. It goes deeper and older than the 5% teachings. Language is critical esp as it relates to the law of the land and maritime law. Pen is mightier than the sword last I checked but don’t trust me, look up commercial and contract law, legalese etc. all of has roots in Latin which we know As spells and curses allegedly.

  2. not 4 kali maybe th3m eastcoast downsouth midwest gangs Kali a whole different world, struggle, an gangs We don't bang no 5 or 6 point stars none of that ant no ppls or folk nation either if anything the gangs in kali a off shoot of off the black panthers

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