Stop Dog Shedding With New Anti-Shed Remedy

Dr Jones’ Free Book.. If your dog has been shedding up a storm ( like Pippi), then you should see what I have come up …


  1. You'd think dogs were vegetarian based on the products being recommended…why not ANIMAL sources since that more closely reflects their NATURAL diet? How about lard or tallow?

  2. It's damn winter but my babies are shedding lot more thn summer n ty keep straching too, appetite decreases too n here m suspecting deworming. Took then to vet but he suggest to gv them aptiquik bcz deworming cannot b gvn in poor appetite n m doing every possible way to increase their appetite ofcourse they eat but very little bt ty keep drinking lots of water so please suggest.. Dear cynophilist

  3. Doc, my lab mix is limping. She was playing outside and out of a sudden, she started limping. All I can think is that she hit a brick that was near by. It has been about 10 days. I have used Arnica, menthol, massages. She still limps. Vets on my area are expensive.

  4. I'm Trying to do this for my American Bulldog that shed a lot, but I'm having issue finding the CBD oil. I wondering if using only Hemp oil and Safflower oil would have similar results.

  5. Thank you Doc. In add. to A-S Rem…?older male with chronic allergies (transient events skin irri/hairloss) New Ear symp, recent+ongoing 4+mos w/active tx x3 mos. No inner ear infection visually noted. Std lab neg inner swabs+fluid (flap Hematoma drained x2) He's had 2 seperate 15 day trx of Prednisone and Apoquel (OMG $$). Phew…please, natural suggestion's (if you were able to follow my abbrevs). He has one of each meds (last 1/ 2 dose from prednisone mg decrease Rx)..yesterday pm notice symp signs. He really wants off the literal merry-go-round. Gratitude and blessings.

  6. I had a yellow lab for 15 years ( still miss herπŸ’”) but now we have German shepherds…. I thought Labs shed a lot, nothing like the shepherds πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  7. My shepherd is 7 years old and is losing bunches of hair, his skin is peeling and looks red, he looks very depressed. He suffers separation anxiety I was told. He had other owners way too often before I got him. He looks sad since my son left to become a US Marine, on top we have moved three time since February this year. Is he dying? Would you be able to tell me what to try for him?

    I've been giving him your supplements, coconut oil in his food, he loves carrots also, and sausages, and dog cookies. Being with my labrador mixed does not seem enough.

    I love him, again Is he dying? I wish you can help me, regular Vet is very expensive, but he has been there before. They said he has a skin dry and sensitive.

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