1. I'd probably be fine if weed was $60 an ounce like in Canada and parts of USA but in my country it's at least $300 for the shittiest possible ounce.

    I've wasted too much money and it makes me want to hurt myself so I'm stopping.

  2. I have smoked everyday for the past 5 years and I’ve not smoked in 2 days it was a week but my friend kept asking me if I wanted a bong I’ve not had any urges like I usually would be needing to smoke but I’ve been having very bad panic/anxiety where my mind goes blank and I start start to have a cold sweat and I get a metal taste in my mouth and I feel like I’m in danger but I know I’m okay at the same time it lasts for about a minute sometimes less and I come back to normal , and too add to that I was hungover and had a migraine today all mixed and I’m fucked 🤯

  3. I stopped smoking in community college due to failing grades. Now I’m in Law school and graduated from Georgetown with a 4.0 GPA. Quitting weed daily has been amazing. I still smoke everyone in a while.

  4. I love smoking for me tho it makes me less dedicated or aka drains my energy, I know for many it's different, I have used cannibus to alleviate my negativity it works but I think I'm going to have to find a natural remedy for it than cannibus.

  5. Pot makes you stagnant. Content with not doing much. Literally smokes up your path to your purpose. Its so socially acceptable in young people now & legal so just another habit to build up to addiction.

  6. I’ve been playing inspirational podcasts, and gospel music. I’ve even cleaning a lot, I mean the closets no one uses really, every cabinet in my kitchen and organized them😏

  7. Congrats to BuzzFeed for doing this. I would believe and encourage to this same experiment for a month a post the results! That should help a lot of people going through longer tolerance breaks and falling to alcohol. Much love. God bless.

  8. I smoke daily and I'm gonna try to go on a tolerance break for a while but I wanna know if you drink alot if water will it lower my tolerance?

  9. I'm on a one month weed pause that i actually didn't do on purpose but I don't feel any urge to do it right now. I only do it with friends anyway. It's a social drug for me. I don't see a reasom in doing it by myself, I also think consume is gonna get out of hand then. I'm talking bout excessive usage.

  10. Look at all the positive things they feel by day 3 that weed takes from you.Cannabis has it's benefits for those who need it for medical purposes, it's an isolating and motivation killing drug that's being sold as safe and fun to youth these days.

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