1. I have been smoking 2 different strains of hemp from this company for about a week now. I DO HAVE respiratory issues & the one strain is for pain & inflammation, It has helped open my air ways & has relieved most of the pain that I have experienced for the last 8 years. The other strain is for anxiety, which relieves my anxiety & stress that caused by my anxiety. I wish that I would have found this company sooner because this hemp really does do what the descriptions say they do, but results varies with different people.

    Now, I'm 50 years old, smoked cigarettes from about the age of 13 up to almost 3 years ago. I started smoking MJ when I was 18-19 & at first it was just to get high. But after awhile, I could tell that I didn't feel as good on the days I didn't have any to smoke. I have been legally disabled for 11 years & after my first surgery I smoked MJ to help with some of the pain, expand & clear my lungs, which kept me from having to take heavy narcotic pain medicine.

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