Saving Chase (Pt 1 out of 3) Sunday Night

The heartbreaking tug-of-war to save little Chase. Four-year-old Chase Walker-Steven has severe epilepsy and quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He can’t walk or talk …


  1. keeping this medicine from the sick is a crime and anyone that try's to stop family's from treating there children in the best possible way should be lined up and shot as this is murder I'm sick of all the lies and demonization of this plant . much love and respect to parents for fighting for what's best for there child. we have the same problem in the uk and its all to do with money (big pharma , oil, textile industry's) its time the world wakes up and stops killing and the only way to stop this is to educate and fight. Take to the streets in peaceful protest as governments are the to serve the people not kill them .

  2. this publication teaches nothing of the endocannabinoid system in the human body that effectively grows the immune system and protects a newborn , please teach the truth , all who know , this is not about choices , this is about knowledge .

  3. exactly what i expected from mainstream bullshit, media, this "reporter" is a twat, and all those involved in this situation should be ashamed of their actions, who knows how long chase will be here and this is what they are doing…. shame

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