1. I like how they always bring up the kids. An alcohol, cigarettes still legal with zero medical benefits I said zero. So yeah who thinking about the kids again? Lol they’ll get their hands on it anyway. Always have been able to an always will be able. I know something else that’s not good for kids. Umm jail!!!!! I’d rather my kids smoke cannabis then going behind those walls for a cannabis. O yeah that right cannabis has been legal for a longtime for certain groups, well at least that what the data shows anyway.

  2. It is incredibly unjust and un-American for our Govt to continue to enforce marijuana laws that are based on lies and propaganda instead of science and the will of the people. Marijuana should never have been made illegal in the first place. It is outrageous that many thousands of otherwise law-abiding good people have been arrested and had their lives ruined. The lies and the idiocy of the marijuana laws need to end now. If only we could convince Mitch McConnell of that. He seems to be the main reason our country is still living with the current ignorant and unjust marijuana laws.

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