Police Search Terminally Ill Cancer Patient’s Hospital Room For Marijuana | NBC Nightly News

A Missouri police department and a local hospital are under fire tonight after officers searched the belongings of a cancer patient in end of life care for marijuana.


  1. Efing pigs including Drs and Nurses and supposed palliative care.
    Pump me with opioids then call me a drug addict and dont even consider my PNET CANCER and what it is like.
    Managed to get legal prescribed oil but dose is low and expensive.
    Went to about 30 drs to get it. That is $3000 just in dr appointments. Now im treated like im somekind of drug addict again on top of the other harassment.
    The Drs dont give a f if your dying. They know all but realy know NOTHING.

  2. Just cut to the chase, we investigated and found nothing wrong, the police could have excercised a bit of humanity but they don't and nothing will make them. This is why they are despised and they could care less, the "thin blue line" mentality will triumph.

  3. My neighbors smoke mariqanna all day everyday I've suffered from second hand smoke I have severe memory loss and had pancreatic surgery and I'm trying to move and the owner of the apartment I rent is trying to trap me here he threatens me with a eviction notice when I give him a 30 day notice becouse he knows I don't want a eviction on my credit report becouse I couldent rent a new apartment with a eviction on my credit report so he uses the eviction notice threatening me if I move I'm getting a eviction or try to move it's just horrible trying to escape to get away from druggie neighbors

  4. ITS CALLED POLICE ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS WITH NO COMPASSION FOR A DYING MAN…. They uphold the law until it’s against them….. then it’s “We’ve conducted a full/extensive investigation over the last year and a half and have come to the conclusion that OUR officers acted lawfully. We will NOT be releasing any information because it is now a personnel matter which is confidential.” THEY HATE THE COUNTRY AND THE CITIZENS AND THERE IS ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.

  5. Proves police are evil and want you to die. Weed should be legal! Everywhere. Noones died from it EVER. This is a joke. The cops just want to profit to buy toys for the department because they don't understand the healing and relaxation of weed. That's the truth. They too know it's a plant. Yet alcohol aka legal poison is fine give me a break!!!

  6. No! Not happening….very disappointed in those officers! No reasonable person would've said that they're going to use the video to explore and imorove on …what?!?! This is alarming to any sane person. Fire those cops,!!!!!!!

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