1. I am watching this on Tv rn.. it's only mayne 10 mins into this wpisode. First of all every sentence said so far is so true, whites are not taught what being born white does for us as individuals, and there for so many of us don't understand, dont see why anyones is mad at times, cant relate to say a black male experience in court for the same crime as a white male, (and tbh I know whites automatically racist or not think well the black male must have been a "bad guy" before or "ohh well its more to his story then" when nope .. theres not anything different at all but his skin. And truly inlife general scope these white ppl arent racist.. however just VERY unaware. And sadly sometimes so much so that some (alot maybe) refuse when its explained to believe the realness and get angry when its discussed. I am white, as a child my mom was new to the town we moved I was maybe 4 and the daycare I went to I was the only white child, I don't remember notjing bad or desperation of any sort, lol actual I feel I was adopted in to be just as everyone else, there were days I came home with my hair "platted" 😄 with vaseline, beads, and aluminum foil at the bottom .. and I LOOVED IT I loved the noise the beads made, I loved that I LOOKED like my best friend Kemesha (and mind u at 4 I didn't see her color I saw her hair wanted to be "twin sisters") anyway point being as life went on I was friends with "everyone" from rich white kids in expensive neighborhoods, to regular blue colar, mixture of black and white in my neighborhood and hung out with other friends in low income housing area aswell. To me it was normal, however with that I DID incidentally see a VAST variety of life and as i grew i DEFINITELY started to see the differences from home lives to society's words and judgements to some of my friends aswell as the presence of police in this kids neighborhoods and how cops treated then and the looks and questions i would get for being in those areas.. (mind u walking home from school some days was all, we would have a group and walk up to everyone's door til the last person was home).. those things never happened going to rich white kids house or in there neighborhood it wasn't patroledetc.. tbh most whites dont get even this slight birds eye view growing up.. so their blinded. And it seems by adulthood they dont wanna hear it just like the ones before. Some can empathize and do believe but still dont know the reality.. but at least they are believers. But Thank you for the opening words in those few mins bc its spool true. And thats were i think that defensiveness comes from in white ppl not knowing how to take black pride, I don't know why some act like if black people say they live themselves . . Whites feel like that's a sign of an upheaval on the rise.. smh.

  2. CNN is part of my cable package. I wanted to share it with a liberal friend who lives in Tacoma, Wa. Has no idea about the tattoo place or the activist group. Kamau there is so much packed into each episode. I just gotta share. Any ideas on sharing. United Shades of America is a part of the #Revolution.

  3. Kamau man! I have to pay to watch this legit episode? Can I share it after I pay? Or is that too Napster? Awesome episode. Great to see you back!🇺🇸❤️👍🏼💪🏼

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