New Marijuana Study Shows Negative Long-Term Effects

A new study out of New Zealand claims that heavy marijuana use isn’t good for the socio-economic status of long-term users. But is it a fair study? Or is it shining …


  1. I have BPD and if it wasn't for marijuana my cuts would be a million times deeper, I would have continued to use alcohol and my grades would be terrible, I would have night terrors and wake up sweating a million times a night, I wouldn't have been able to get my sponsor for university, my mother would have committed suicide already, it actually helps me come out of paranoid states of mind. If it wasn't for using it for insomnia and feelings of paranoia and anxiety I wouldn't be able to study at a top university and become an active member of society.

  2. Ive been smoking cannabis every day for 30 years…. Now Im on my 8 week without (Im done). And seems like I have to spend a long time to recover fully. Sweating like hell each night, but the worst part is the flashes you get when trying to sleep. When you close your eyes, its like having a 100 w bulb in front of your eyes, switching on and off ultrafast. Not cool:( its draining your energy. Hope it get better soon.

  3. Of course it affects people to different extents, and some people can function relatively well when smoking. However, my personal experience after having my first joint when I was fifteen, to smoking pretty much daily until the age of 23 with a few short breaks here and there has been mostly negative. I haven't smoked in 3 months and my memory is still absolutely terrible, I have trouble remembering the most basic things as well as maintaining focus and concentration. I recently got let go from a good job in an advertising agency because I just couldn't focus enough to do the job to the necessary standard. I'd forget to carry out simple processes, I'd lose focus while working which would mean I'd get much less work done than everybody else, I 'd be antisocial and feel all foggy and hazy after smoking the night before. My motivation became non existant and every day just felt like a chore, all i wanted to do was sit at home and get high.

    After stopping, a lot of the negative aspects have gone such as feeling tired all the time and feeling like my head is in a cloud, and I definitely feel more sociable and generally more upbeat, however my memory and focus haven't improved at all and I still have a lot of "blonde moments".

    Weed is great in moderation, just don't overdo it.

  4. As a clinician you have concerns about users before they reach about age 25. Personally I'm more worried about the health concerns from drinking diet soda. Medical marijuana is a cheaper, miracle aid for those suffering depressions, chronic pain and disability.

  5. The study design itself is incapable of concluding a cause and effect relationship between cannabis use and "ending up in a lower social class". The study results could be demonstrating that those in a lower social class are more likely to use cannabis.

  6. WOW, now they're trying to make weed take the blame, for the side effects of shitty prohibition laws. New Zealand study, part funded by US government looked it up, true.

  7. Anyone who thinks that Marijuana is worse than others drugs is stupid. Anyone who thinks there are no long term side effects to Marijuana or any brain altering chemical is equally as stupid.

  8. This is fucking stupid. Of course unmotivated young people who smoke weed regularly aren't going to excel. Weed doesn't make you lazy. It can relax you—which is conducive for lazy behavior—but it cannot change your general attitude in life. Those who have a drive or passion to achieve something or become something most likely will regardless of their cannabis use. The real problem is, too many young people are uninspired and unconvinced that they can aspire to anything of importance, so they indulge in whatever substance or cheap thrill they can get without having to put forth much effort.

  9. I don't really think weed directly causes anti-social behaviour or socio-economic problem, but people from lower socio-economic cultures tend to smoke the drug more. Similarly hoodies and trackies don't make people anti-social or poorer, but people from these backgrounds tend to dress like this. Alcohol is a far worse drug that aside from its physical effects, has devastating effects on the society and family.

  10. Weed isn't the reason someone ends up in a lower class.. Who wrote that? I'm only 19 but I've been through some shit and seen shit.. YOU control your future not weed, government, parents, etc. To all those people smoking weed and stuck in the "Lower Class" that's your fault for not wanting more in life.

  11. I haven't read the study. But i think it is pretty safe to say the study was seeing the impacts of prohibition. if you take a group of people and criminalize them and make them social outcast for doing something that does not in itself harm anyone; what do expect. Do you really think the victims of cannabis prohibition have an equal standing with the rest of society. legalize, regulate and educate. That is the way forward. Enough of these BS studies that excel conflations of correlation!

  12. There's no way to double-blind these sorts of tests, there's no way to see if this is correlation or causation. This reminds me of the studies that showed a connection between cannabis and schizophrenia. Turns out cannabis doesn't CAUSE schizophrenia, but people with schizophrenia are attracted to the cannabis because it can reduce the symptoms of their schizophrenia. Perhaps already socially disadvantaged kids are prone to using cannabis to relax and help with their anxiety, and the cannabis is more appealing to them.

  13. And yet you forget that smoking pot in social terms has a different view in general that will effect social status.Also do to better then your parents you will need the opportunity and let's face it those are as slim as a politicians brain.

  14. These affects may happen, but that doesn't mean there's a correlation between smoking weed and being poor. They need to collaborate with other universities and do multiple SRS samples of all types of weed smokers such as different races, social classes, etc. The SRS sample size should be random and maybe a size like 5,000 people to have virtually no sampling error. If that's done, then we can believe the results this tells us but we can't draw conclusions from just one SRS sample

  15. Some truth to it. The stoners I know are big losers, no motivation, and annoying. But some of them be the smartest people. This one girl in my biology class was so smart I wanted to choke her. She passed with a 99%.

  16. We need research. That's what this video boiled down to and something we won't see without electing Bernie. The other one is owned by people and just like President Obama, she will never legalize.

  17. This study is not very scientific. What about the other factors that contribute to lower social/economic class? Perhaps people with bad health, mental illnesses, or just a bad life situation are more likely to self-medicate? And aren't these groups less likely to achieve already? Perhaps the average was brought down by the users who'd been charged as criminals?
    Anyhoo, I'm a mathematics and computer science grad student and I smoke most nights when I'm done with my work, before bed, to treat my many ailments. So there!

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