New cannabis strain UK review (🍁🔥Grape Ape x Bubbleberry🍁🔥) 2019 #Thc #Barcelona #grown

Thanks for watching make sure to check out my music YouTube there is music talent etc on there and rap trap drill etc the music you hear at the start of the intro …


  1. Yess maaaate😎👍. Best vid yet I think bud… I liked it when you said 'Definitely no pine!'
    nice descriptions of the buds. If I was to give any constructive criticism. I'd say you should set a time for how long you are going to review each note… So maybe 2 mins on visual commentary, like 2 minutes on the flavour, 5 mins tops on the high it's self…. unless it's a slow hitter then obviously you'll need to extend that time.
    Try and keep the vids shorter and more to the point and I reckon you'll do very well mate. 🤓
    Like it tho bruv✊ keep em coming

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