1. My first month of using cbd oil: no arthritis pain in my right foot which I fractured a 2 years ago, anxiety is getting better and the reason I got onto cbd oil was for my chronic back pain… I still have pain, not as bad and nearly no sciatic pain. Cost me $250AUD for a 50ml bottle..

  2. How come you're not using YL CBD oil? Supplements can't give you the flu lol. If you got the flu after taking it… the germ was probably on the packaging, or on you or in the air. I can't believe you said that!

  3. I’ve been using CBD products for quit some time. I even give CBD gummies to my son for Autism. It totally helps him as his over all mood is a lot more calm and his emotions are stable as a result. I did a lot of research behind the science of it before giving it too him and it’s really impressive what scientists say about its healing compounds. So I’m a huge supporter for CBD and Cannabis in general. Michigan next month will start the sale of recreational marijuana and I couldn’t be more pleased for a number of reasons. That’s a whole other story. As far as CBD goes, I’ll be interested to see your updates, and a video of your health Journey…Yes. Working at Trader Joe’s I’ve heard a thousand story’s and they never get old. My own journey with its ups and downs, and back ups has been interesting. So that’s a great idea to do one of those.

  4. Also – for inflammation this is amazing!!! Read up on Thorne Research Brand Meriva 500-SF (Soy Free) – Curcumin Phytosome Supplement One of my fav supplements for joint inflammation. (gut inflammation I love l-glutamine & JustThrive spore-based vegan probiotics)


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