1. Same battle different story. I’ve been smoking since 13, now 32, I was able to lower my usage down from a 7 to an 3.5 a day, .then in nov tried to go cold turkey,.now I seem to have spirts of 4- 6 days not smoking , then start back . I’ve noticed my nerves are so bad if I don’t smoke, I respond to frustration with to much aggression . My logic is years of weed relaxing my nerves has left my body’s ability to do so weaken . What I’ve started now is I only smoke on weekends , spending Sundays allowing me to get high , and create .. Write down everything,that’s one secret I’ve learned over the years of smoking,you come up with the greatest ideas when your high . Good luck

  2. Thank you so much for being so open and honest! I enjoy watching you very much! In the 90 days you were sober, did you ever regret your choice of giving up weed? Also, do you ever see yourself completely giving up weed? Thanks again!

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