Tonight, we are joined by Allan of NFHC, we finally get to give you an update on Mercedes, we delve into the mind of both Jesse Lee Peterson and Roosh V, we …


  1. I have had the opportunity to discuss and talk to Mercedes online about various topics from economics,politics,culture to foreign policy
    She always came across as an intelligent,well read ,very inclusive towards people of all colors and races .I am an Indian and i was delighted by her inclusive nature (I have seen it firsthand ) ,very kind .She has helped out a lot of people .She has offered scholarships .She has walked the talk
    She had superb understanding of men who were not chauvinists
    She fiercely took people who hated on transgenders .She took on AVNI
    I think she deserves a fair,objective,due process

  2. XBiz says on April 4th "RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — Adult performer Mercedes Carrera appeared today before Judge Stephan G. Saleson at the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse, where a new public defender, acting for an absent Dennis Wilkins, requested to reset her next hearing date to May 2 and the following deadline to 60 days after that.
    The reason given by San Bernardino County Public Defender Shane R. Mathias, who was "handling all of Wilkins' cases this week," according to court sources, was that Carrera "is trying to hire private counsel."
    Last week, Carrera had told XBIZ… that Wilkins had failed to meet her outside of her court dates and was providing what she considered as inadequate legal help.
    Carrera's husband, Jason Whitney, was also at today's hearing, where he was represented by a different "panel defender." Both attorneys apperared to have coordinated their responses, and Carrera and Whitney were referred to as "co-defendants.""

    So hopefully they'll have better representatives going forward. A new preliminary hearing date was set for May 2nd.

  3. Sex workers? So whores? Prostitutes? Because Porn stars are legal sex workers and they do pay taxes. Prostitution is as illegal as tax evasion so… which are women?!

  4. Well if it is indeed true that she had meth and guns, then she's a goner right there… her mugshots do reveal some sort of… "disturb" – to avoid harsher and possibly slanderous words. It's not only because she was caught by surprise. But the procedure has been shady as all hell… they need a warrant first to just barge in someone's house. Then, they need to inform the suspect of the charges and the entire process. What they're doing with her is actually illegal. I don't know if she raped little kids but she was definitely on something powerful that may have not been exactly safe nor legal. She had a future as an engineer. She chose the wrong path. Can't feel sorry for her there. It would seem, though, that the cops already decided the verdict and honestly, it's not sitting right with me. If she did indeed rape kids or worse yet, her own daughter, then break her fucking knees and elbows but until she's proven guilty, she's innocent.

  5. I spent a year in county jail because I couldn't afford the $250,000 bond they stuck me with on some trumped up bullshit. I finally cracked and plead guilty to a crime I didn't commit.

    Our system is fucking broken.

  6. We are closer to national legalization than most think. We could get a bill passed approved by majority of states to push recreational and medical acceptance of cannabis. I think it’s like we need 34 out of 50 states to get it legal nationwide.

  7. The reason why the Thot Audit thing took off is because of the retards flaunting that they're making money hand over fist and not paying taxes. And these cunts in particular got in a tizzy because they think THEY are too good to actually admit to themselves and the world that they are selling their bodies for money, when there is nothing wrong with that; but instead of actually admitting to it, they commit tax fraud.

    Stop making excuses just because it's women. Billy's at least consistent on this, he defends Martin and supposedly doesn't care if you commit white collar crimes. You two chucklefucks are just morally grandstanding and hwyteknighting for dickholes just because they're women.

  8. Sincere question for Billy, in regards to your opinion on Martin Shkreli's thing not being a "piece of shit crime" to you: do you say the same thing in regards to Trump taking advantage of bankrupcy laws and investment policies to further his own wealth at the cost of everybody else?

    I'm not even trying to start anything, am just curious. Because I see a lot of people that sperg out about it, but I can't really say if he's really a piece of shit for taking advantage of those laws to his own benefit.

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