Massive AVT Autoflower Harvest With An Inside Look At Foxtails

Check this Alien Vs Triangle Autoflower out and learn how to differentiate between “Good” and “Bad” foxtails. Sponsors: To purchase a Mars Hydro grow light …


  1. For most of you this will probably be stupid questions but here they are. 1 why do people wear gloves before harvest? 2. Would leaving the whole plant intact help with a slower dry while giving the plant more time to use sugars and for chlorophyll to dissipate? Patience… I'm learning. 🙂

  2. Hello Bill, hey i love watching your episodes. very informative and easy to follow your suggestions and growing techniques. i have a auto flower in my back yard and it is from some bag seeds. beautiful girl but i dont know what strain she is. can i contact you and have give me some advice ?

  3. Hello Bill. That was a super helpful episode for me. I'm just at the end (I think) of my first ever grow – after being inspired by your channel and one or two select others! I've got a 2×4 with 3 autos, 2 of which are essentially done or 1-2 days away – 1/2 milky, some amber, the third is close – but I need to sacrifice all three at same time as tent will be used for drying…but now this last plant seems to have a couple 3? foxtails…and only on the top couple of buds…not really anywhere else. Buds aren't super huge yet on this plant, but really sticky so far – but wondering should I just keep going and keep light high? I've never really seen these plants / buds live before (20 years too) so not sure if this is a foxtail happening, or just buds growing different on this Grapefruit plant?? 🙂

  4. G'day Bill, DAMMM Bill I know there is a lot of foxtails on the flowers but still what a monster I don't know much about autos. But I think that plant was awesome, I hope you see this sir if so I will buy a t-shirt off you if you still got any left cheers Bill.

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