Marijuana & Your Hormones: Cortisol, Estrogen, Prolactin, Thyroid & Testosterone

Cannabis or #marijuana is one of the most widely used illicit substances there is, and with the growing interest in the use of medicinal cannabinoids, its use is …


  1. I would like to point out that a bunch of these studies are specifically using Delta(9)-THC and not THC-A in specific, and you didn't mention anything about CBx extracts or terpenes. I've also done research, and most of these studies are done to prove the negative health effects of Delta(9)-THC and other Delta(x)-THC in specific. And these specific forms of THC are not allowed to be intentionally breeded to high levels or extracted by Cannabis Law in most states.

  2. 43 years old… Chronic smoker for 25 years. Lately i feel like shit feom smoking. Headaches.. fatigue .. all of it. Someone explain to me that overtime, as a female, i am overloading my system with prolactin … Which has to do with the thyroid… And in my family? They ALLLL have thyroid issues. Something for me to look at …. Time for me to hit the reset at the very least.

  3. You're conflating THC with cannabis. The first study you show is about THC alone, so it doesn't translate as you are doing in this video, to "marijuana has ____effect". It says THC alone has certain effects. CBD can and does counteract many of THC's effects, so you would have to look an a study that represents marijuana, which by definition includes CBD.

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