Marijuana Stocks to Invest in 2018

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  1. Viridium Pacific Group Ltd. is a consumer wellness and biotechinnovation company based in British Columbia, and the parent company of operatingsubsidiaries involved in horticultural production, (Experion Biotechologies Inc.)property development (Fish Trap Ventures Ltd.), and human resource management (StaveLake Services Ltd.) Experion Biotechnologies Inc., is a Health Canada licensed producerof cannabis, which operates in an 8,300 square-foot indoor facility outside of

  2. They are a Vancouver basses mj company with all licences they are growing mj.and seem like a great buy.tight held company with seems to be a good group of people running the company with great potential. But there shares are still so low.check it out let me know what you think please.thank you

  3. Thanks Nicholas! I noted that STZ ( Constellation) is  not affected by the markets volatility, nor the tariffs- they rarely use aluminum and don't export to china,  Last Wed they were at $217 and Thursday rose up to $229!! –  smart investment strategy to invest in Canopy- plan to make a cannabis beer ( blue moon also came out w/ a cannabis beer) However , just to note , it is not alcohol mixed w/ MJ- illegal. I was looking at the financials, ( remember,  I'm still a newbie)  ,I do see a great potential for growth. Planning to invest in this one , what are your thoughts? I have yet to see a bar or liquor store close down even in turbulent times,, and now adding the WEED factor- very good business

  4. Shoppers drug mart is not just buying from Aphria… as a You Tuber you should be sharing the facts completely. Especially about Aphria who is taking a lot of hits lately on bad press, and business practices compared to Canopy and Aurora

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