Make FPJ from cannabis leaves

How to make fermented plant juice, a probiotic and fertilizer you can make at home. Best made from outside growing plants that are dynamic accumulators, but …


  1. Someone saved their leaves for me but been sitting in a bag for 3 days is it still good? And he used superfluous a and b and Flora Nova grow is it safe to eat?

  2. I had a rabbit for 7 years that regularly ate weed….like nearly every day.
    She ate bud sometimes, but after getting to stoned one day she really cut back but always went for the leaf.
    The leaf came from some insane indoor, didnt know the grower just found a place where it was dumped regularly. And there was quite a lot of resin on it, I know coz I made hash out of it.
    Weed was her third favorite thing to eat, a certain weed like long grass first (man she went nuts on that), then white bread (which I hardly ever let her have…junk) and then weed.
    In the seven years she never got sick.

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