1. I will never get in the ocean again. To know what's in there and get in with them, is just not smart. I don't care what the odds of being attacked by a shark is. All I know is people that have been attacked by sharks was 100 percent for them.

  2. Louis do you know Diane and Stuart Firestein…Stuart is head of neurobiology at Columbia…Diane did dolphin communication…S.F…They are like family to me..We helped lure Humphrey the Humpback.

  3. I live on the Cape, and to answer Joe's question: it's the revitalized seal population that's bringing all the sharks back. Here at least.

  4. My dad used to swim to an island in Hawaii when he was young back in the 70s. He said he got about halfway and noticed a big ass shark in the water not too terribly far from him. He definitely hightailed it back to land.

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