1. We have plenty of food, we just lack the ability to see past our own bullshit, and share. Literally throw away tons of food in the US everyday. No regulations, no anything, just throw that shit out.

  2. I think lab meat would serve as part of the solution as well as closed loop farming (farming inside structures with enclosed ecosystems which reuse all nutrients and organic matter). If we could build skyscraper farms we’d use less land, stop draining as much of it of it’s nutrients and not have to waste money using pesticides that are harmful to us and beneficial insects.

  3. At some point, people need to realize resources are finite and you can't just breed like rabbits while expecting everyone else to feed your children.

    How is it helping people to let them breed constantly, we feed them, then that area needs more food, which in turn will keep the population growing, which brings us right back to where we started: "Too much people not enough food!"

    …well yeah, what'd you expect?

  4. "I used to hunt. I hunted fish….

    Education is also connected to poverty diets."

    Holy shit. For a guy that knows the path he sure missed a few things along the way.

  5. I know the answer to this question…

    Everyone will have to become vegetarians or vegans… Everyone will just eat hemp or weed. While also smoking it, and using it to power their cars (biodiesel is a thing), and we will use it to make our clothes and our paper and pretty much everything because you can do that. It truly is an amazing herb. There's a lot of fiber in it it's good for your butt.

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