Kylee Gale GOING INTO A COMA, After the doctor at Doernbecker Children’s Hosp with chemo therapy!

Kylee’s 1st round of CHEMO, this is a 2 min video right before Kylee started having seizures, & then flatlined due to neurotoxicity to the brain from the chemo …


  1. We are a voting government. We're are a voting state. We are not communist. Our decisions don't come from personal need or state opinion.
    But what our children's needs are.

    We're want our children to have what they need to survive and be successful.

    The state has over stepped.

  2. Death to the communist organization that assumes controll of our children. Death to the case worker whip began this bullshit. I hope his daughter is one day taken by the state of Oregon. I hope and wish for the worst possible things for him. It's not always a job. Sometimes you have to believe and support your fellow American.

  3. I would gladly start a rebellion to defend a 13 year old girl. The state is wrong. Death to the communist pigs. If she isn't back with her mother soon a militia will form. Our children are not to be taken. They are our decision and our right. Three state shouldn't have controll over health decisions when she is old enough to choose. Oregon city police, you fucking trash. You get off removing citizens from public property and not telling them what they need to know. That officer in the video should be fired.

  4. Chemo is assisted suicide. Cancer only exists in an acidic body deficient in nutrients. Chemo makes you more acidic and depletes nutrients. You can't get rid of cancer by poisoning it, burning it, or cutting it out any more than you can get rid of smallpox by poisoning, burning, or cutting out the pox marks.
    To become alkaline, add a a tiny bit of baking soda to your water. Juice 20 pounds a day or 10 to 13 glasses of RAW organic (Must be organic. Roundup and toxins sprayed in agriculture cause cancer) fruits and vegetables. A fast grate and spin juicer friction cooks your juice. Get a slow rpm masticating auger juicer. If you juice press the juiced produce pulp you'll squeeze out 1/3 more juice.
    Both meat and dairy cause cancer. The WHO declared ALL meat, not just processed meat to cause cancer. Meat and dairy make you acidic. Study Robert Young PhD, Dr Lorraine Day, Dr Max Gerson,, and Dr Jerry Tennant. Read the Essene Gospel of Peace. Health is in God's nature not in man-made toxic drugs and surgery.

  5. I am so sorry that y'all are being put through all this. You are an strong mother who has gone through such amazing lengths for your girl. Kaylee's voice deserves to be heard. <3

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