Going on a juice fast to prepare for a water fast. Sharing some tips that worked for my son and his seizures. Best adaptogen powders I trust/love/use …


  1. ive got a chicken named" Molotov cocktail aka moll" who has seizers bc of her original health state that i received her in she was a craigslist hen sold as a 4 month old to be egg layer….long story short she ended up being real sick she had a chicken pneumonia and tapeworms we got her pneumonia worked out but had a darn hard time killing the tapeworms "alot of fecal samples went to my vet" sadly the tapeworm had made it to her brain causing random seizures she is almost blind because of the seizures and is sterile hasn't laid an egg in over 2years but now that ive found CBD oil that bird gets dosed every 12 hours 4m and she just won't have any seizures .the moment i miss a dose she does you may want to give it a go i use the "human grade charlotte's web CBD".

  2. I’m on 3rd day of fast! Im drinking lemon tea. Guess it’s a little bit of juice? lol! I know you like to research so I am recommending the lectures on YouTube from Dr John Bergman! He has one about fermented food! And more that could help your son! ❤️

  3. LOL You're funny. By the way, decades ago (I think in the 1950s) they discoveted that a high (healthy) fat diet staved off seizures in kids. They discovered that the ketogenic diet was beneficial for kids suffering seizures.

  4. I’ve tried forager cashew key lime yogurt and I love it! I like how we’re on the same wave, same stuff in my fridge as well! 💗🙏🏽 Love your energy Spirit! Your son is blessed to have a mom like you!

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