1. Boiling water actually works, scorpions have a type of protein venom that solidifies when it has hot water and stops the venom from going through the body. Like boiling an egg in water

  2. Coyote Peterson on Brave Encounters makes a living out of getting stung and bitten by crazy shit. Bullet ants, tarantular hawks, giant hornet, executioner wasps, snapping turtles, desert cenipedes. Check his YouTube. Guys a nut!

  3. Another Josh Homme bullshit story! This did not happened to him; it happened to our friend Mike Vespa; Josh is just stealing his story; just like he did with everything he said tonight.

  4. I like Josh Homme and all, but he is almost as bad at telling a story as I am. I mean, I'm really bad at telling a story. It's not that I'm bad at telling a story, per se, it's just that I tend to go off on tangents. Speaking of tangents, have any of you seen the Mandelorian? It's pretty good so far. But anyway, I'm a bad story teller. It's because, like…Oh snap! There was a new Rick and Morty last night. I totes forgot about it. This season is off to a good start. Hopefully it can keep it up the pace that's been set. Anyway…wait…where was I? Rick and Morty…the Mandelorian…Josh Homme…Hmmmm…Uhh…Pffff…Yeah, i don't remember what i was talking about…Something about something…I don't know. Oh well.

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