Joe Biden's Untimely FAIL On Marijuana Legalization

Joe Biden is so back and forth on the marijuana issue that he forgot exactly where he stands. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this. We need …


  1. Colorado has allowed recreational marijuana for nearly a decade since 2012 and medical since 2000. The science is in its not. If someone is in favor of legalization they will not be in favor of the lie about weed being a gateway drug.

  2. Question: Mr. Vice President, would you agree that marijuana is the least bit harmful compared to all the other schedule 1 drugs and that it should eventually be legalized?
    Biden: I'd rather my son remain a crackhead than legalize marijuana!..

  3. There is no such thing as "Gateways", only people with poor judgement and lack of self restraint. I have been smoking weed for many years as have many others I know and we have had no issue with going through the "Gateway" onto harder drugs. The only thing that's "Gateway" about weed is the fact people the world over have to buy their weed off drug dealers that often sell drugs like cocaine and heroin aswell. If Joe is worried about people moving from weed onto harder drugs then he should advocate for legislation so finally weed users can stop meeting with shady drug dealers that sell all kinds of drugs and instead go to a legitimate store like a smoker or drinker can.

  4. I am a recovering heroin addict. Want to know the first drug I ever tried? Marijuana. It is a gateway drug and nobody can say otherwise. However, alcohol and tobacco are also gateway drugs. I was also an adventurous kid and wanted to try everything at least once to see what it was about. That goes with trying new foods and hobbies too and not just drugs. Thanksgiving will be 1yr clean from heroin and life is great.

  5. The only thing I will agree with Biden on (ugh, puked in my mouth a lil) is that yes there should be more research on weed, but not to make it seem as a gateway drug but to know what other things weed can be used for and help with. Remove it from scheduled 1 drug to allow researchers to do their things.

  6. the pharmaceutical industry do not want to legalize pot because it will take away from their profits you won't need any more oxycontin, you won't need to any more anti-anxiety medication, and he won't receive as much money from the pharmaceutical industry for his campaigns either. If you think about it like that it's pretty damn disgusting of him. I will never look at Joe Biden ever again in the same light that I have been.

  7. If you actually listen to Biden’s answer without pre-deciding that you’re going to hate it just because you hate him, it’s actually a pretty decent nuanced answer. It certainly isn’t nearly as bad as the horseshoe BernieTrump Bros are saying.

  8. Makes you wonder, imagine if Harris was as Progressive as Warren (I know Sanders is the most progressive!). She would have walked into the White House.

  9. Joe Biden should not be the be the nominee. He is an old Washington crony insider and is everything wrong with the Democrats. Hillary Clinton was a stronger contender than this old fool!

  10. He disparages the favorite thing of his very strongest support demographic. lol… what an idiot!! And BTW black folks….., WTF? with the weed? ALMOST every black person I know smokes the shit in mass amounts every fucking day…. That’s NOT a good idea. You’re doing yourself and your race no fucking favors. I get that someone with a hard life imposed by systemic racism over hundreds of years may have been brought to a point where needing to get high to cope is “a thing”. But you gotta stop. Dude at my job got fired for stinking like weed all the time. There’s nothing good about. A heavily medicated race of people can not compete. It’s that simple. AND THATS THE TRUTH!

  11. The sheer cognitive dissonance of supporting the expunging of records of low level drug offenses, but also not wanting to legalize or even decriminalize weed federally is stupefying.

  12. Conservatives actually want pot legalized. The thing that probably turns some of them off is releasing prisoners and commuting sentences. They want all those people to lose their right to vote forever so they don’t vote democrat.

  13. About 80.000 people per year die from alcohol in the US. Now make a guess, how many die from Cannabis? (Yes, I know … more people drink than smoke cannabis. Anyway.). Just make a guess, before you read on.

    Worldwide, in the whole history of medicine, there has not been ONE documented case of death by cannabis! Isn't that telling something about the safety of cannabis – let's say compared to peanuts? (it's 150-200 per year in the US)

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