1. There isn't any evidence that weed in moderation affects memory, decision making or intelligence in developed adult minds, it can harm developing young minds but is still safer than alcohol. Weed generally makes people more creative (atleast while being high), it probably can increase intelligence, memory or decision making if used in moderation. Anything without moderation can be dangerous.

  2. Does anybody know what is the way which Sadhguru talks about when he says β€œ…there is a way, there is a way to activate this system.”? Yoga? Meditation? Something else?
    God bless everybody.

  3. death rate of of people who smoke weed is not even 1 percent of death rate of people who need smoked weed c'mom sadguru you can't be everyone play with words and narratubes of Mahanta when you yourself smoke a lot of pot

  4. Mere hisab se legal ho coz mai pita hu or mai puri trah se koi kaam ka ni rha pr ban rahe coz maine bhaut kuch jhela dipression memory loss relationships khrb hui bhaut kuch re hab tak jaa chuka hu maje ki baat ye h ki mai apne akhiri dino mai iska maja lena chahta hu or le rha hu last date 30/11/20 birthday surprise agr mai iss cheej mai na hota shyd kuch accha hi kr rha hota or abhi be maine parso lia tha joint meri capacity ye thi phle mai adha joint pk imaginary world mai koh jata tha bacha hua joint chupane ki will power ni reh jati thi then maine last year hadd krdi thi average tha mera 17 joints per day 25 gram pure ek saal mai jo halat hui then maine chod be dia pr ab fir start krdia hai

  5. I can say one thing if u have drunken alcohol and u r high there is 95 percent chance of assident but if u r high on weed there is onle 5 percent of accident , alcohol blocks our mind if u r high weed opens our mind in slow motion , .

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