Is CBD for Real – Jay Grover #4569

While CBD may not be a cure all, it seems to help anxiety and back pain. The body actually has a system for producing and using CBD. CBD appears to …


  1. I have used cbd and it does help my inherited arthritis condition. I have learned that it does help but quality does matter. Also some benefit for ptsd as I'm a disabled vet.
    Not cure just helps. Marketing is awful and is quackery. Just find high quality

  2. It would be nice to keep the "Big Pharma" out of the Canabus industry. I fear they will dilute it, twist it and just generally pervert it.
    If you " Look for US Hemp Authority seal of approval " should keep it honest, as long as the growers keep an eye on the Hemp Authority.
    IMO, Keep the cost small or the Government may take an interest, move in and destroy the medical value of the industry.

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