Instant Pot Water Test – How to Use your new Instant Pot – Paint the Kitchen Red

This video is a companion to the Instant Pot Quick Start video. This video shows the new Instant Pot user how to do the water test which will get them familiar with …


  1. Hello, I've had my instant pot for awhile now, and been terrified and now I've been pushed to a situation where I must use it tonight. This was a great on point explanation on how to do the water test, and did it along with you. Thank you for this video, it was really helpful where others weren't.

  2. Thank God for videos like this because my husband got me one for my birthday and it’s just been sitting there for a month lol. I finally tried the water cycle today and I totally did it wrong. I’m glad I found this. Your videos are super easy to follow! Thank you!!

  3. Thank you. This was the best tutorial for the water test. You were about the fifth one i went to. The others rambled and seemed like this was their first time they ever did the test. When they finally got around to it ,more than half the video had nothing to do with the test. Again, thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for this. I followed the IP website video directing me to put in 3 cups of water, so after an unsuccessful first attempt in my Duo 6 quart, I realized it was probably too much water. I watched your video & ran it again while the water was still hot, and it worked. I must say the Sealing/Venting switch is so loose I thought it wasn't going to seal, but perhaps this is normal for early usage of the Instant Pot?

  5. Since I'm doing a water test anyway, may as well toss in some whole cloves. Not only would it help deodorize as you allow it to natural/slow release but it would also help to disinfect anywhere the steam reaches in the nooks & crannies through the release valves.

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