1. Rick Simpson cured hundreds of people's late stage cancers using this oil which he gave away for free. Watch his original Documentary "Run From The Cure". The cannabis oil extract once ingested (not smoked) causes cancer cells to self destruct leaving healthy cells untouched. It is a quiet monumental discover that is not being mentioned by the for profit medical/pharmaceutical conglomerate.

  2. This demonstration left out an important step: decarboxylation. The resultant oil needs to be heated in order to convert THC-A into THC. If you smoke marijuana, the burning of the material performs the decarboxylation. For edibles or an oil like RSO, the oil should be heated in an oven at 240°F for thirty minutes to an hour. Alternatively, the buds can be heated in the oven before performing the extraction process.

  3. I've been looking into using cannabis oil for my serious health problem for a few months and it's taken me a while to understand that there is a huge distinction between using a cannabis oil product like a cbd oil made from cannabis and the actual Rick Simpson Oil and I suspect a lot of others are making this same mistake.
    CBD oil is great for treating a wide range of symptoms especially pain . It is literally amazing when you experience that it can replace huge doses of powerful pain killers in a week or so of use but that is nothing compared with what the resin from the plant can do when it is turned into a Rick Simpson Oil which can get rid of the cause even when it is terminal cancers and there are videos here showing people dying of cancers and in 3 months they are in remission. That resin he has been telling us about does a lot more than mediate symptoms. It cures cancers and many other serious diseases and ingesting cbd oil cannot do that so the difference is gigantic.

  4. A commenter here called Robert James said the following: "Kindly contact Dr.rick simpson for full knowledge about the medication and Services to you. Dr. email: [email protected]gmail.com for all solution to cancer and all diseases" –
    Please know Mr Robert James that Rick Simpson is not a doctor and he would be annoyed at anyone suggesting he is because that would a blatant misrepresentation. He is a regular guy with probably more common sense than usual and a real determination to help others and get the truth out to the public that a cure is available for cancers and most other serious diseases but he doesn't endorse any particular plant strain other than to say "use an Indica Plants" so don't believe it when any company says they are selling Rick Simpson oil implying they have his endorsement of their product because he does not endorse any company or product called Rick Simpson Oil. Cannabis oil cannot be given a patent because it is a plant and that is why the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about it or use it when they can't get a patent on it and make a profit so they have successfully completely suppressed the knowledge of it till recently when it became legal in Canada, persuading governments around the world that it is dangerous. In Canada it has become legal (2020) to possess it but you need a special government license to grow it so they can make profits from it being sold by regulated growers and everyone now has to pay tax when buying it and in this way they are deterring people from growing it themselves. It is sold at the liquor stores now in Canada starting in 2020.
    Rick Simpson has told you how to do it, to use Indica plants and to make it yourself and heal yyourself with is oil and stop giving away your money to drug companies who don;t want you to be in control of your own health and he has a video here on youtube showing himself making it outside but he does not endorse any company pretending to sell his oil because he does not consider that he owns it.
    He has two websites called
    The only two websites Rick Simpson is affiliated with are: phoenixtears.ca & simpsonramadur.com and on that site called "pheonixtears.ca (the .ca means it is Canadian, not american which is .com) he says the following:
    quote We do not sell RSO cannabis oil, we only provide information on its benefits and the method how to make your own."
    "There are many suppliers around the world who say that they are producing RSO, and who are using Rick's name. Rick Simpson has no connection with these suppliers and he has no involvement with the Phoenix Tears Foundation from the U.S. unquote.
    These quotes have been copied and pasted from his own webite where he says he has nothing to do with the American website calling themselves a foundation that sells his oil.
    His whole message is that everyone can and should make their own oil because everybody has a right to health and this plant heals and he wants everyone to know that fact.

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  6. Ok so from an experienced oil user for medical purposes, I have to ask you after the years combined I recently tried to different oils both made from very reputable folks, but I too am use to thicker based but these are more liquid for sure but tested again after making i doubt residual ethanol terps are strong quality amazing any ideas on why not as thick but again very quality? Thanks yours lokks beautiful also, Cheers

  7. I've always soaked my bud, whole, in (pure) isopropyl for a couple days (in the freezer and mixed and mashed it periodically). Many of these procedures show the mixture soaking for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. Is such little time sufficient? Rick Simpsons video shows a few minutes of soaking. I'm sure he knows best, via lab testing and such, but still I have to ask. Is such a small amt of time enuf? Thanks!

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