1. If you use the oven to decarb does it make your apartment smell like weed? I live in a Seniors apartment building and the majority of the other residents, and management wouldn't like the odor? And would this help me to sleep better?

  2. Hello, has anybody tried adding t hc distillate to a tincture? I'm about ti give it a try, I'm hoping the distillate mixes into the everclear.. I'll also be using some flower but the distillate is to pump up the THC content 😁💚

  3. Can't you just… wtf folks. NO. Follow her instructions. Don't cut corners, don't try to be original. Decarb your cannabis, fuck what you heard from your idiot buddy. Use everclear or equal… not fucking rubbing alcohol.. period. This woman went to the effort of filming one of the most direct and cogent diy for cannabis tincture on YouTube. Why are so many questions from people trying not to follow instructions

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