1. hey bro . great video i just love your channel . you are pro mate .. is there a way i can send my grow room pictures and my plants so u can give me advice please?

  2. Cltv…good info robi still do all fim,lst,top,monster crop. Ive not done scroggin but this month gonna try this build its called a ''tip pot'' couldnt find the real one so i just magivered some materials together clothes basket,zip ties,and bamboo sticks

  3. u really should tell the people that 2 foot thing, topping, fimming is for photos. if noob growers buy auto seeds and follow this … well lets just say they would be better off doing nothing at all

  4. Finding the right mix of topping and bending for optimal yield is tricky unless you have a mother plant and know the characteristics of what you are growing, I have seen plants that are topped growing new shoots within 24 hours, I have also seen it take 10 days ( same environment as got climate control).
    I have found that stretching plants like to be tied down more than short squat plants.
    I try to get the stem off to the side of the pot by potting that way then tie plant tip over the top of larger expanse of soil so it is 6 inches above edge of pot ( you must secure roots by tying another string in opposite direcion).
    All your side branches are now top tips.
    I always take the tallest stem and tie it down (leave gap in side for lollipopping) in the biggest gap, this is where you have to plan ahead by envisaging how the plant will grow and how to tie accordingly- give it thought., I like to turn a Christmas tree into a cocktail gl 
    Take off any branches growing downwards near bottom of plant once u get 8 or 9 nodes height (concentratesenergy to more efficient top colas), lollipop aggressively 1 week before flowering and I can almost guarantee youwill not have removed enough

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