How pot edibles can trigger panic attacks

Dion Waiters of the Miami Heat fell ill, reportedly after eating at least one THC-infused gummy. It could be a cautionary tale for Canadians interested in recently …


  1. I been smoking and taking edibles for years , last year I had an edible and it gave me a panic attack fast forward to now I have this edible I been taking and cutting it into smaller pieces but whenever it kicks in and I’m about to go to sleep I hear weird voices and whispers sometimes I can make out what they say other times it’s unclear but it kinda freaks me out not gonna lie

  2. I’m embarrassed to say this just happened to me when a friend of mine gave me edible sour patch candy with thc. It was the worst experience of my life. I went to the hospital and they said it was a thc overdose which I didn’t know was even possible.

  3. America: Let's abandon an int'l ally and impeach the prez;

    Canada: dude got way too high, so be careful when our entire country legalizes one of the oldest known psychoactives used by humans. Also, you can't get high in professional sports. And look at that beautiful photo in the background!!!

  4. Lol happens to the best of us.
    But if it ever happens to you.. water water water.. or CBD oil. Also smelling black pepper as it contains immediate calming effects for the brain. Smelling frankincense oil as well. And just remember it will always pass.

  5. I know a lot of people will make fun of this guy for it, but the people who have smoked or ate edibles and have experienced panic attacks from the THC know how bad these panic attacks can be. Been smoking almost everyday for 4-5 months and out of no where I got panic attacks

  6. People who read this be careful; you can easily develop depersonlization disorder from intestine edibles; depersonlization can be a life long dissaociative disorder that can be destructive to your life; tmarijuana is not for everyone

  7. Lesson 1: when starting a cannabis lifestyle don't be in such a hurry to get high. Try just a tad. No matter what happens don't take anymore until you have fully experienced what you've just consumed. Whether you vape smoke or eat the advice is the same.
    Lesson2: if the effects are more than you bargained for don't panic. Grab some doritos and ride it out. You'll be fine. Nobody dies from cannabis.
    Lesson3: if it ain't for you then walk away. Give the unused portion to someone who enjoys pot. No harm done. Just my $0.02

  8. If the chocolate bar says "1 or 2 squares", and you eat half of it over an hr or so cause you don't feel anything, going through customs the next morning will definitely trigger a panic attack because you're high as a kite and can't understand how that's possible 10 hours later. Trust.

  9. Everyone is different, however when I was actively smoking it for recreational and near the end mostly medical reasons, 2.5 mg wasnt strong enough, which can be a reason to find yourself over ingesting THC, even 10mg was a joke.
    I haven't tried in months but last time I did, I only got a headache from a 30mg gummy, and maybe I was going to get that headache regardless.
    They are right however, it can take up to 4 hours, was the main reason I ate an incredibly unhealthy amount of homemade as a teen.
    My advice? If your that interested be prepared to take it slowly to find your level of Mg, and if you smoke THC be prepared for it to do nothing, which is never a reason to eat more the same night

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