How Is Legal Cannabis Working Out in California? – Klepper Podcast

Jordan chats with producer Erica Matson and writer Russ Armstrong about the web of enterpreneurs, regulations and history involved in California’s legal …


  1. If anyone asked me not to say marijuana, i would tell them to shut the fuck up. I give 0 fucks about something 100% irrelevant and only serves to police language at this point.

  2. I live in rural California and my old man just got a letter from a real estate guy wanting to buy property to grow legal weed on. We own a manufactured home with no land to sell, unfortunately. Coulda made a killing…

  3. The first drug laws in the US were local laws in San Francisco. I can’t remember the year (1880?s) but it was only for Chinese immigrants. They outlawed opium dens but not for whites. They used the same excuse as they always do: “They will get white woman high and sleep with them”. The real criminalization of drugs over all was in 1914 with the Harrison act. All of the laws were made to depress one group or another if you look into it. Same as it ever was unfortunately.

  4. I don't get high from Jesus. Quit forcing your religion onto others, Pastor. I am of the same mind as Ms. Tusant: I rarely feel closer to ᎤᏁᏝᏅᎯ than when I am able to appreciate the fruits of this world.

    I am coping with CBD, but it's just not the same. It leaves thicker residue, has a bad taste, and has generally been diminished from what occurs naturally within the cannabis species. I cannot wait for the day when this plant will be freed from the false stigmas established by racist propaganda.

  5. For those who don’t have an addictive personality, it’s cool that you can use Cannabis legally. People shouldn’t get locked up for using Cannabis. If you do have an addictive personality, and can’t control your use, know that you can get help. Like alcohol, Cannabis is a drug.

  6. to all the conservative Republicans that are high right now go hug a liberal because there isn't a Republican that even speak of legalizing weed that would be political suicide in the Republican party until they found out how much money they could make just ask ex congressman Bonner he hit the weed

  7. Uhhh how the hell did you have Nevada marked as illegal when it was legalized here at the same time as California ?? I’m feeling insulted and will now go find some weed to smoke

  8. the list of the best hash in the world, which is found in the north of the kingdom of Morocco, The Cradle of hash

    3 – KETAMA


    1 – and the gold medal goes to: DOUBLE 0

  9. Everybody, THE FINAL JUDGMENT is here, we must all decide where our spirits will go… There is no more time, repent if you have you are a sinner, take the message seriously, seek OUR TRUE SAVIOR for guidance, be vigilant, and on purpose in trying your best to establish a relationship with OUR RIGHTEOUS DIVINE MAJESTIES of the HIGHEST!!!!!!!!!!

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