1. Dear The Truth Archive, I am extremely grateful for you mirroring this video. This is MY father. I am the woman who wrote to Max. He kept my and my father’s name and MY name anonymous as per my wishes. You shared this truth and changed the music, which now I believe, has kept this video alive on YT. I am NOT ANONYMOUS ANYMORE. MAX IGAN has now been silenced and taken off YT! I am actually ashamed of requesting he keep my name anonymous. I was APPALLED at YT silencing MAX and the truth he speaks. I just found out and searched for THIS video and found your channel. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. Max has just yesterday joined FLOTE (dot app). I have to write it like that or this comment will be shadow-banned! Crazy times we are living in! But, I THANK heaven above, you saved this video. I will share it on FLOTE where I/you/he/ALL can post and speak freely as WE ALL SHOULD BE ABLE TO!!! God bless you and thank you again. ❤️🙏

  2. I had basel cell melanoma (sp?) on my face, and made a paste of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and put that paste on the cancer continually for a week. At the end of one week, the cancer was 1/2 the size it was in the beginning. I pulled off the remaining cancer, let it bleed, put neosporin and a band-aid on it for a few days and the cancer is completely gone, leaving no scar. The ascorbic acid burned at first. Like a super fine needle, it penetrated the cancer and destroyed the unhealthy cells. It was a very cool process.

  3. YES! YES! YES! My husband had melanoma on his torso about 3 years ago. He was bed ridden for 48 hrs when he got his first dose of CBD oil as well as strong topical. Within 24 hours, he was back on his feet and it was visibly less aggravated and red. Within a week, it has shrunk in size! After daily medication for only 2 months, it was completely gone!!! It is so important to share our testimonials… Everyone, especially parents of children with cancer needs to at least try it! Thank you for sharing this happy story with us! So much love and gratitude to you for what you do. 🤗


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