1. Also.. now growing it in a long potted trough, so I can bring the root system inside IF we have a freeze here in West Central Florida. It is a perennial, so once you cut and harvest the vines, it comes up again the next Spring. The vines are growing "controlled", up a trellis….. Looking forward to drinking my own homegrown, jiaogulan tea by this fall .. with the goal of having enough to last me through the end of next season, next year!

  2. I've been making jiaogulan tea daily.. 1 teaspoon dry jiaogulan leaf + 2 tablespoons maltodextrin/stevia (measures LIKE sugar) per 12 ounce coffee cup. Bring water to boil. Then pour hot water into cup with the Jiaogulan dry leaf and sweetener. I let it steep till the liquid starts to turn color from clear, and the hdrated leaves have settle towards the bottom of the cup. Sometimes I make the night before, if I'm eating to make a very early start, and put it covered in the refrigerator to have in the morning before I leave. I just had my blood labs done, and my doctor was amazed by multiple results, with him NOT knowing that I had been doing the jiaogulan tea. The most impressive thing was that my bad cholesterol had dropped considerably, and my good cholesterol had increased considerably….. I had tried several other natural ways of trying to have these results, but to no avail. Nothing else worked. Only STATINS had worked reasonably well a while back — but I had gone off them with the hope of finding something natural. Daily, a couple of times — daily, I also drink a grand total of at least 10-12 ounces of a smoothie made from watermelon + the rind .. with the skin peeled away first, before blending with a little bit of lemon (for natural preservative) — some maltodextrin/stevia for sweetener, and what would be the equivalent of about one tablespoon of raw organic pumpkin seeds — per day, into the blender mix. WOW !!!!!

  3. Why so much excitement about saponins in gynostemma? Saponins are anti-nutrients. Read this:
    "When large amounts of dietary saponins are consumed (especially in the presence of an already leaky gut), saponins can leak into the bloodstream. When saponins enter the bloodstream in sufficient concentrations, they cause hemolysis (destruction of the cell membrane of red blood cells). Saponins also have adjuvant-like activity, which means that they are able to affect the immune system leading to pro-inflammatory cytokine production (again those chemical messengers that tell white blood cells to attack) and can further contribute to inflammation in the body."

  4. I'm from Cuba but I'm living I the US now. I started to take this plant in capsules and it's awesome, it has 84 health benefits, I feel healthier, more energy, my immune system is stronger, I really recommend it joined to green juices. Try it.

  5. Thank you for this amazing video! I bought mine from a Chinese herb store. It has 40 tea bags per box. I put one bag in large coffee mug. It comes out bitter with occasional hints of sweetness. It works so well is the reason I'm searching YouTube. I don't think you mentioned sleep, or you did when taken in the evening but amazing dreams and refreashing.

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