Gerald Celente Interview Julian Assange Arrest, Freedom of Speech, Brexit, Legalizing Cannabis

My talk with Gerald Celente about freedom of speech, the brutal arrest of Julian Assange, Trump, the Brexit freak show, the great awakening and the great …


  1. That was your purest interview ever, Mr. Celente; passionate and perfect. We all need to "man up" (or woman up), and stand our ground. These b'tards that are erroneously called "elites" are low class thieves and liars who've banded together to sell out humanity. We each may be a grain of sand but together we are the entire BEACH. We are the MASS of the populous that those creeps wet their beds over! Let us unite and regain our natural power that this Universe divined in us.

  2. Where there are hydrocarbons in the ground the country that has them are under attack by American government forces preceded by CIA attacks on the country. Iraq: Natural resources: Second largest oil reserve in the world that is easy to extract of sweet light crude.Samalia: Natural resources of Somalia include; Oil reserves. Somalia one billion barrels of oil reserves in the Yemeni region but not yet exploited. Natural gas. Proved reserves of natural gas are estimated to 5.663 billion cu meters in the country. Yemen: Natural resources. Yemen's principal natural resources are oil and natural gas as well as agriculturally productive land in the west. Other natural resources include fish and seafood, rock salt, marble, and minor deposits of coal, gold, lead, nickel, and copper. Syria: Natural resources: petroleum, phosphates, chrome and manganese ores, asphalt, iron ore, rock salt, marble, gypsum, hydropower.
    Where there is oil, the American military is there. What a coincidence!

  3. Come on Gerald. You know that the taxes you are paying is because of the endless war. The amount it would cost to help immigrants is minuscule by comparison. We are making people miserable all over the world at a cost that is destroying our country. Building walls should be way down there on the priority list. Like never!

    Free Julian Assange! Free Chelsea Manning! Enough!

  4. We are there with Bolton Pompaeo and Israel independent of you and glad you see it too. We feel that Trump is open to dumping alot of the greatest operative criminals and wish he would have made more moves instead of waiting for investigation,. Now we wonder.

  5. This is why I despise ANZAC Day, here is Aus.. people Just don't get it.. support our troops..!! What a load of government BS.. Brainwashed simpletons 99% of population… Fuck em all & fuck the troops and fuck the bankers who organise it all….

  6. Assange seems sincere but his info seems watered down and like a controlled opposition to me. If there has to be an alternative to the mainstream media, what better than free speech which says so little? I'm not convinced that the Godfathers of this world have been stealing sweets and flicking matches. We want total disclosure. Not a sideshow at a fairground.

  7. I love Mr. Celente…

    in rage he said five hundret dead children in Irak – it were through the sanktions – five hundret thousand dead children..

    we are humans – and our perception is easy to manipulate…. and this is a number – remains abstract if you want…. but – thanks Assange everyone now should know, what war really means…..

    the rotten lying mainstreammedia…..

    a globale awakening must take place… its not to prevent…

  8. Donald Trump stood on the threshold of Greatness, yet knew not the way.

    Mediocrity is not, for him, an option.

    For him

    Either the path of Greatness, though it lead to death

    Or, the path of shame, disgrace

    And all the Bucks of failure

    Of all the lower officers of state

    Low spirits indeed

    Will stop with him!

    Alas, too late, to take the path of Greatness!

  9. That's because being a trans person is a characteristic that is protected under discrimination laws. It needs to be there because of people like you who try to promote your channel as if you're some kind of zeitgeist or speak with the nomenclature that you think people want to hear when in fact you just come off as a bigot that is stale pale and male, & phallocentric Supremacy ridden and even Gerald celente seem to just humour you and didn't really want to give any concise answers on your petty talking point while the world crumbles. As you know Mr cilenti is very capable of doing scathing diatribe but he beiged you off instead and patronized you. I'd pick your talking points and topics a bit better when you invite intelligent people onto your show if I were you. You small minded Welsh twatt

  10. Not so sure that it was a hack which is what the empire wants to accuse Julian for BUT I am betting (murdered by the gansters KKKlinton et al.) Seth Rich Seth Rich was the DNC leaker and that is why the mob cleaned him. And ya know paison having the initials BS should be a heads up to anyone about Bernie's complicity with the the non democratic conduct if the DNC during his faux run in 016, but hey he cleaned up and is still cleaning up a lot of money being thrown at him from desperate serfs looking for a Messiah to rescue them from the empires fkery.

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