FSD Pharma Inc (CNSX:HUGE) Co-Founder on Role of Cannabis in Medical Paradigm Shift

FSD Pharma Inc (CNSX:HUGE) (OTCMKTS:FSDDF) (FRA:OK9) Co-Founder and Co-Chairman Anthony Durkacz discusses the appointment of Dr. Sarah May …


  1. Its time to go investment banking broker should not be playing both sides of the field. He clearly isnt interested in making this company succeed. hidden agenda has been on his plate its time to go Anthony u made the money on this deal dont cry about your shares when you made millions already. Time to bring in someone that cares and pieces together a solid management team to execute

  2. This host gives out a shit vibe. Needs to tone down a bit. As for FSD…. you feel the price will go down because its a commodity?? How about your management sucks so bad that it shows in your share prices. I was hanging in long term but I don't think its looking too good. I will buy back when I see some changes for some serious news.

  3. Love hearing about a shame being interviewed by someone that has no idea about the markets or cannabis. Enjoy those massive gains. If it wasn't for Retail traders that will believe anything share prices would be at 0. Good luck.

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