1. In my country (India) these days, they have started killing people who smoke marijuana … History will repeat itself … Soon they will say loud and clear that it is a demon drug .. ! Sadists !! They love pedophiles, but not stoners .. Fucking maggots !!

  2. The government seems to be causing this problem on purpose. Why won't the government just federally legalize Marijuana across the board to recreational and call the ATF dogs off.
    The second amendment is under attack, the citizens want it legalized, yet the Federal Government won't act. Congress needs to legalize pot and do it completley. Right now, citizens are being made criminals for exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

  3. Thr Damn laws are a constant moving target now how in the hell are we expected to be able to keep up with it all when they don't even let you know it changed &it's all written in fucjin lawyer language not human speech! Ffs and the fkn police can't even keep up with the laws! Ffs flower is legal joints are legal as well but its not legal to drive with it open it has to be locked in glove box or trunk which sucks cuz that melts it! Ffs man its it'sits got be kept cool dark n dry once we open the bag it's in we can't reseal it and we domt get new ones. How are we to take our meds with us?. When we work or need to travel? Wtf itss a fucking plant fully legalized this shit already recreationally who gives a fuck if I'm actually high or medicated wtf did anyone ever stop to think that maybe just maybe for those of us in pain that thr relief comes from thr high! And that u get a high when u get relieved from a lot of pain? Ever notice how once it stops even if ur sober u get a high from it! Duh that's why relief gets u high! But the so called high relieves the pain and many other symptoms I can't sleep w/o it and unlike alcohol this doesn't impair u not when u do it every day. Ppl who don't do drugs shouldn't have a say in wtf thr laws for that drug should be! Ffs so stupid that's like letting thr person who never drove a car make up all thr laws of the road but we don't thnk just accept cuz itd law which we have a right to protest and petition it to change! We need to do thai now! Ffs if we had legalized 20yrs ago the opioid epidemic wouldn't have happened! Wtf this's a passion issue I can't help but rant n gst mad as these things affect me directly! Fkn is nothing like being drunk even when I was thr most blitzed out my mind I was always able to drive it never impaired me unless I was tired! But after a while u learn not to drive when tired. But the weed I can smoke it and I literally drove sooo much better hi than sober! I take too much risk n shit think I can do this n that speed n didn't pay attention to laws etc. But now with weed I drive like a granny all slow follow every law all paranoid even that it's legal I still gst that from some strains. I can drive almost no matter what! If I'm impaired I'll never drive cuz I know my limits n will make someone sober drive. But fkn theres a thing called sativa that is able to take thr edge off without causing u to gst all tired n unable to drive! So that's what I smoke when I need to drive and it's very subtle. Other strains can wreck u into the couch but those make u not want to drive u get too tired n lazy n don't feel like it till u sober up in 1ro3hrs oh boy where as alcohol I use to drink every day and even with tolerance drank liquor and that got me messed up bad! Like I only drove drunk once and it was cuz i woke up still drunk from thr half gal of vodka i drank when i was 21 and that's fully fkn legal I was more easily able to find that than I could weed! But didn't like it as a teen sooo our priorities are all fucked up here!

  4. Just keep it out of your car. Think of it like alcohol or prescriptions in a bottle.. You cant have a open alcohol container in the car. You cant have pills without a prescription. They have to be in the pill bottle. Alcoholic beverages have to be sealed/unopened.

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