Five Leaf Wellness Bubba Kush Review (2019 Harvest, Top Shelf)

Bubba Kush: (OG Kush X Likely Northern Lights) *Correct Lab Results* -CBDa: 14.06% -CBD: 0.50% -Total CBD: 12.8% -THCa: 0.54% -Delta-9 THC: N/A …


  1. You guys are good! By yourself I don’t think I would have watched your whole video but the two of you together are very watchable. I enjoyed your review. You guys are good at this. One of the better reviews
    I’ve watched. Very informative. You spoke in very relatable terms. So many of these are corny and the people are not knowledgeable enough to do one of these. Good job!

  2. Hey Bro's Love ur Channel as I'm listening all about ur favorite's I was wondering do you both still feel the same about (GSC) a.k.a Girl Scout Cookies. Sorry for the long Chatting I would like to hear like a TOP 10 or 15 Pick you Both like or Love like witch CBD FLOWERS made you both FEEL BAKED. Just a little side note fans like myself would love to hear about. THANK BOTH FOR AN AWESOME CHANNEL THAT HAVE HELPED ME A HOLE LOT. Please keep up the great work fams

  3. dont try tweedle is cheap i will give them that but it smells like that hemp dry taste.very does the job.i have got from them 2 times.their were my first cbd flower and a long time later i tryed them because their was nothing else new out at the time and to see if i just got a bad batch but i have head from a reviewer that does not review anymore he works at a farm growing cbd now and he said all their stuff has the same smell and taste for all stains and its that dry hemp taste.i dont no why they are all ways sold out and people like will get the job done but thats it.its junk and i have tryed cured/dry longer to see if that would bring out the smell and luck just got tie got 3 new stains.2 cbg ones and one called blue cheese but all of them you have to buy a gram so you get no deal but i saw now for a little on anything i think you buy one get one 50% off but just today and yesterday it was a 48 hours sale.the blue cheese is not a cbg stain and is $8 a gram the other two are cbg stains one is like $15 a gram and one is like $12.i hope when i get paid next month they still have even one of the 3 stains left.i would not get the $15 a gram cbg one thats just to much.$12 a gram is about the highest i would want to go.if they still have i will get 4 grams of the $8 blue cheese and 2 grams of the $12 cbg stain but black tie sells fast so i will not hold my breath .i hop i get to try.

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