1. This dude is fucking trash always makes up excuses about vaping. I've literally vaped ONLY 3 TIMES and my life hasn't been the same after that. I've developed a high sensitivity to allergens old paper dust particles , stuffy nose when eating gluten, allergic to cat litter, cat dander something I never dealt with before and i constantly have shortness of breath … Hell even regular cigarettes are less dangerous than this fake healthy alternative. I've never smoked an actual cigarette but would'nt be as worried as these terrible machines. They should ban all Vapes. They are disgusting and deadly.

  2. I am not feeling too good recently. I started using a vape pen about 5 months ago, and I have started to feel not good. Like all the energy is being ciphened out of me, and very weak and tired. I think it's probably time to quit. But I have also been under a lot of stress so idk. But, that's why I am looking into this.

  3. The problem is in the additives added to these concentrates, propylene glycol, vitamin e acetate, cyanide in black market concentrates! Nowhere in the research of this is THC mentioned as a cause! Rosin is a heat extraction that uses no solvents. I only vape in an emergency situation, a recovery medicine for my neuropathy's. So if you insist on vaping, rosin is the safest avenue.

  4. Fake NO ONE has died from vaping. only dummies dont understand what controls would have to be in place to prove vaping kills. Theres not even proof that cigarettes cause cancer but the sheepeople dont have a brain.

  5. When you start inhaling substances, such as propylene glycol, and other synthetic chemicals your really asking for it !
    I'm a TRUCK driver, and I hauled a load of propylene glycol to a vape factory that was shipped from China, and it is classified as a hazardous material for shipping!

  6. get your money up lil nigga & ๐˜ฝ๐™๐™” ๐™๐™€๐˜ผ๐™‡ ๐™’๐™€๐™€๐˜ฟ ๐˜พ๐˜ผ๐™๐™๐™Ž
    not that fake foofoo shit

  7. This is the the kind of sensation the government was hoping for. In the 1990s the big tobacco companies signed the master settlement agreement with the govt to prevent individual lawsuits against them from lung cancer diagnosis. The tobacco companies agreed to pay a percentage of profits to the government. The problem is that most states cashed out future profits and with traditional tobacco usage diminishing those profits are getting smaller but states cashed out expected profits, leaving a deficit. Therefore vaping is costing the government money and we all know that if it's costing money it doesn't matter if it's saving lives because money is the driving force behind everything in this world.


  9. Damn , is it human nature to jump onto anything a lot of people like, ( pot , alcohol….) and then smear it with such a buzz. People just waiting for something to get angry about!! I can think of lots of things, a lot worse , that require real action!, and this is what the American public and news services pick up on!!?? FFs, Iโ€™m just gonna blame trump, if something is Fuken just wrong!! asshole is a safe bet for the fuk up. Ban flavor!! Next itโ€™s gonna be butterfingers ( America has contributed to the world at least one thing!!), anyone wanna help an Australian( ME !) gets me some boxes of butterfingers and Iโ€™ve only had one Twinkie in my life!!, and Iโ€™m to old to remember properly. I have a memory that seems like a fantastic dream, Twinkie was to good to be true!! lol

  10. I've been vaping since May of 2013, in this time i've only smoked about 5 cigarettes (typically when i'm out at a music venue, and my eliquid has ran out). However, i've had no issues and sometimes chainvape quite a lot. The only "problem" i've had with vaping, is if i forget to drink enough water and consequently end up with a cough due to pleghm build up. I can't see how all of a sudden a bunch of cases involving teenagers occur with lung disease/lipid pneumonia whilst people have been vaping for years and years. It just doesn't add up, i'm more than certain it's due to what they are vaping — and not vaping itself.

  11. Ppl stop talking about vaping u have not a clue on what the fuck u are talking about the vape shut that is killing ppl is the 1 wit thc in it so all of u can fuck off I have been vaping for a very long time and I still vape and maybe if the underage shit bag kids did not get it then we would not have this problem

  12. It is dangerous to vape oil, Vitamin E acetate is an oil and can cause Lipoid pneumonia. Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are forms of alcohols and it is impossible to get Lipoid pneumonia from PG and VG.

  13. Vaping could have unknown health risk that are not fully understood yet because vaping hasnโ€™t been around that long. Everyone thought asbestos was thought to be a safe material to use at one point, it was only years later it was found to be deadly. I vape but I do wonder if we know enough about it.

  14. I think the government is behind this because cigarettes were a big investment and income for them. They got people addicted and know people will pay for that shit. And they are getting MAD money from it. But they realize that ALOT of people are switching from cigarettes to juul and vapes so they are really really targeting the vape industry. And that's why Trump is trying to bann all vape products except tobacco. People will go back to smoking and then they will get their money again. Trump is in on it. And they know what they are doing. That's what I think tho. Stock up while you can guys don't smoke cigarettes. The dumb thing is smoking cigarettes has killed 500,000 people a year or something guns kill so many people too. Vaping has killed 6 and they think everyone is gonna die just because some retarded teens didn't know what they were buying. Don't smoke if you are dumb. Stay safe and make sure you aren't buying wack ass shit. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  15. If your using a burnt coil your willingly giving yourself cancer if your hitting street carts you can buy twice as much herb for the same price simple solutions complicated problems

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