FACEBOOK LIVE CHAT REPLAY! Topics from CBD Oil to Getting the Phone Being Ran Over By a Car!! 😳😅🚗

Rachael breaks down in tears while eating one of her many meals and connects with her GLOBAL family (which is all of YOU!). She discusses her nutrition, the …


  1. We have something in common, we love chocolate, but most of the time I have to have dark because some dark chocolate doesn't have milk and since I am lactose intolerant I used to make vegan pudding with other non dairy types of milk. And btw that food looks good, sharing is caring LMBO. I love you guys!

  2. CBD oil!? I have been having problems with digestion too!!! Because sometimes it feels like I'm trying to digest concrete!!! And I'm also starting to notice an improvement in you!!! In almost every video I see!!! Keep up the good work!!! I love you both❤❤

  3. Your so darn cute I cant take it..Said it once, will say it again..I could squeeze the 💩 right out of you..Awesome stuff you shared..Love ya Toots.
    PS.. Hello Rod!
    PSS If my memory serves me correctly at one point you really couldnt taste..You said mmm so is your taste completely back?

  4. We love you Rachael!!! You are looking so much stronger and healthy. Wow, I hardly recognized you in the thumbnail 😘. You are a pillar of strengh as always Rod x. So so proud of you!!! I'm celebrating 20 years in recovery from anorexia this year. You have soo got this girl, 🤟. x Love always from Australia 🇦🇺

  5. Although the progress is slow, you look so much better and healthier than before. Your journey is amazing and your mindset and clarity seems to vastly improve. I am rooting for you, love. I am so proud of you!

  6. You are so much stronger! Your voice is prominent, you look so so good, you are just breathtaking, my heart just races in excitement when your notification pops up. Every time I see you, you have taken bigger strides. I love you guys so so much!!!! God bless you both!!

  7. Hello from BC Canada 😊🤗Omg Rachael I love you so much. I just wanna crawl thru my phone and hug you. Wow. You are such an inspiration and watching your videos and following your journey is helping me thru my struggles. You come to mind during my hard times and it gives me comfort and strength to "stay clutch" and just keep going. We are stronger together no matter what we're going thru. So much love to you and Rod!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

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