Extractcraft: Alcohol extraction using the Source Turbo in your kitchen

In this video we show you step by step instructions of how to use the Source Turbo to create your own absolute oils at home. Available at www.extractcraft.com.


  1. I want to as i am doing a herb tinctures with alcohole and i want to remove the alcohole and get the herb and mix it up with Distilled water and have the tincture in liquid form can this help me with that ? if so when can i buy one ? and do u Ship to Sweden?

  2. could you please tell me if there is a warranty on these when I buy them but I got to fill out a little piece of paper comes in the package to let me know what one of these cost also go to the website but I'll let you know what it is there is free shipping and you delivered all 50 states Indiana and it's hard to come by these items to be able to marijuana is not legal here but CBD is driving on the Cannabis to make

  3. I used my Turbo for the first time with fantastic results. I do have a question though, at the end of the 2 hr cycle there was some alcohol on the base of the unit. Only a thin layer and only in one area comprising about 1/3 of the base. Is this normal?

  4. 2 questions: 1) When decarboxylating the output oil, as shown in this video, will the remaining remnants of alcohol be completely evaporated? 2) Can I suck this up with a syringe and just eat it like the RSO I currently buy at cannabis shops? Thanks – cool product

  5. If I am extracting AlCohol from Saffron tincture, can I use the oil directly into mixing with other oil such as Agarwood oil in case of oil based perfume? Or there should be another step added. I also noticed boring the oil into a mate? Does that mean I can’t put it in a clean Jar?

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