1. Distilled essential oils are to thin to be used as is. Hence the vegetable glycerin- it increases the viscosity (makes it thicker). Just like us "dumb stoners"have been doing for years with distilled or hot-pressed cannabis oils.

  2. Prohibiting-and-propagating against the new-and-improved/latest-and-greatest/newest-and-bestest (new cutting-edge high-tech) that has supplanted-and-superseded the old-and-grey (old low-tech) will change nothing.

    Banning/out-lawing (prohibiting) the white-market will just create a black-market, where all blue-collar/black-collar organised yet criminalised capitalists run the show.

    Spirits, some (half) wines, herbal smoking, probably herbal vaping, meat-and-egg and petroleum are all unhealthy (with meat-and-egg and by an evolved-and-expanded definition, petroleum being immoral-and-unethical, cause its suicide versus homicide).

    However, cider/perry (even cocktails, alcopops, craft beer, fruit wine), liquid vaping, dabbing, dairy (as an intermediate to soy), nuclear (as an intermediate to renewables) has supplanted-and-superseded (replaced) spirits, herbal smoking, herbal vaping, meat-and-egg and petroleum

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