1. I was thinking of something like this , you are ahead of the game. I have seen a few of the yellow and white moths but mostly for me it’s baby grasshoppers. I kill at least 5-10 a day by hand and those are the ones I see. I do NOT want to spray my plants but I SHOULD have sprayed around my backyard.
    I planted a “decoy” garden – tomatoes etc to feed all of the insects but I just attracted them I think.
    I have two praying mantises on my plants I have 6 plants but they do NOT eat the tiny grasshoppers or anything else except the small white flies here and there. I will be doing that next year for sure . Great channel new sub.

  2. When you're comfortable oh, you don't know me. My cell phone number 626-726-5727. Text me when you feel comfortable I also stay in Southern California Los Angeles County city of Rosemead. I don't put my pants on YouTube cuz I use YouTube for like family stuff and memories. But I like what you're doing and I want to share my ideas with you if you don't mind. I'll show you pics of my set up if you like do you have an email. We're like I said just text when you're ready to text that's my real number I don't care. Medicine is to heal people.

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